The very first time I ever heard of Vida Pour Tea is when my thoughtful friend Sabrina gave me a bag of black tea for my birthday a few years back. I remember it being so good that I wanted to know more about them. At this time, Vida Pour simply sold tea around town and farmers' markets. Almost a year ago they got to open their own shop and I have been a faithful fan ever since the doors opened. Sarah, the owner, has always been so kind and has educated me even more on tea. She is an excellent blender of teas, making them for businesses and for wedding favors. Since she is a master blender, the idea of seeing if she would be willing to make a “Windsor Blend” tea for us to sell as a fundraiser came to me.

It was in the midst of a hard week where the silence in the waiting was very discouraging that I asked Sarah if this idea would be something she’d be up for doing. Her response was a huge “Yes!” and how honored she felt that we’d ask her to do this for us. Which really, I felt the same way towards her generosity in being willing to do this. It lifted my spirits that week so much that one of my favorite places in Greensboro would want to be a part of our adoption journey.  Many thanks to Sarah at Vida Pour, we get to offer you TWO different teas. One is a delicious black tea with peach that is great hot or cold. The second is a tea that screams ‘Alisa’ as it is a caffeine free chocolate tea with lavender and vanilla. Head over to our tea page to find out how you can support our adoption fund through some of the best tea you’ll ever have.


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