Today our social worker came for our home visit! My friends who had done a home visit for their adoption process all told me it was not as big of a deal as you think it is. Its not that I didn't believe my friends, it just didn't stop me from wanting the house to be decluttered and deeped cleaned. About a week ago or so ago I went through the guest room and closest, getting rid of stuff we don't use. Something Ive been wanting to do anyways and I came to the conclusion that we have too much stuff. With adding a baby to the mix and all their accessories, its best we get rid of stuff now. Then, this past week my dear friends Hannah and Francie offered to help clean my house. This is not the first time these two have done this, right before I started treatment they cleaned my house too. Friends who understand the peace of mind that comes with a very clean house means so very much. Hannah even asked for some trim paint and did some touch ups, which I love because I never would of thought to do that. 

After all the prep of making our house so clean and organized, our lovely social worker came and barely looked around our house. Jason even made a joke with her about looking around more since it was so clean. She made notes of how many rooms/bathrooms on each level but thats it. I was prepared to answer where I plan to put baby gates and where the cleaning supplies were and how to baby proof them. But nothing! We sat and went over our preferences for openness/health concerns, etc. This is something we have gone over every time we have met with her. She's just checking we didn't change our minds about anything. We also were able to give her our lifebook! This is the book that will be in each of the 3 Bethany offices in North Carolina for birth mothers to look through as they make an adoption plan for their child. Our book will be shown when our preferences are in line with the case. We will not know when our book is shown or anything, which part of me is really glad. Like, what if our book gets shown 12 times and no one picks us?! Its better to not to know anything and we'll just get a call! 

After our social worker types up the rest of our home study her supervisor has to approve it, which should be done in about 3 weeks! With a completed home study and lifebooks turned in, we will be an officially waiting family! Thank you everyone who prayed for our visit today. We are so close to being done with the  home study! 


Authoralisa windsor