Last week, as part of our home study requirements, Jason and I took an infant care class at our local women's hospital. Everyone, meet Diana Hopsital, our baby for the evening. 


There was a pile of baby dolls for us to choose from. I just grabbed one and didn't really look for a boy or girl. The instructor of our class went around asking if couples knew what they were having. Obviously, we do not know yet but part of me wonder if we'll end up with a girl just because of our blind choosing of the doll. Silly I know, but a thought just the same. I expected to be the only non-pregant women in the room, which was the case. Thankfully, no one made that awkward for me and honestly after hearing about some of the things that could happen during and post birth, tiny part of me is glad to not going through that. We were asked to put on a diaper and a shirt on our doll, the person who is least familiar with babies. It was fun to watch Jason put on his very first diaper. We both will have to practice that skill since Diana stayed perfectly still and we know our baby will not be so when it comes to changing diapers. 

The class was very helpful for us both to hear the same information. Thanks to so many of our friends having babies before us and being very open with the early days of parenting, a lot of the information a good reminder to me. We watched a video about SIDS which was not so much fun but we understand why they want to educate us on it (and we will always put the baby on their back to sleep! That we will not forget!). I took lots of notes, but since we don't know how long we will wait to be matched, its a little funny to me that we are taking the class now. Jason keeps thinking we'll get matched sooner than I do, so maybe we'll use this information quicker than I think. Only God knows. 

We are close to finishing and turning in our paperwork for our home study! Last we heard from Bethany, there was a wait for a social worker, so basically, when we turn in all our paperwork, we get in line in waiting for a social worker. Once we are assigned one, we set up a date to be interviewed (I believe one on one and then together) and a home assessment (make sure our home is safe and we have room for a child). I was asked if I felt anxious at all during this process, and I really haven't. I think since we control the speed of this part of the process and I feel like we are moving forward (a little slower with the holidays) at a good rate. It will be when we are not the ones in control of how fast the process is going, I think when it will be hard for me. Once again, I will try and update the blog more! There isn't much to report right now, which is why we have been quite. Please know that we are so thankful for our community who ask about how we are doing and are watching our fundraising keep going up (we are almost at $9k! you guys are amazing!) with us. Thanks for praying for us and our future child, means so much to have such a loving community to walk along side us through this process.

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Diana Hospital, signing off. :) 

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