I love this time of year because its a busy season with youth ministry and this year I am ever so thankful for the business. Since turning in our stack of paperwork I have tired to be the patient hopefully adoptive mom who doesn't email everyday wondering if there is an update in the status of our paperwork. Well, after over two months since turning it in, with a month of no communication, dear friends gave me the permission I needed to email and ask once again - is there any news on the status of our paperwork? Frustrating as it was, I did get an email back saying there were missing a few forms and to send them right along. In that moment, after months of waiting (to wait) my insecurities creeped in, that I had messed something up. I felt paralyzed to actually just take action and resend the forms they needed to process our paperwork.

Last Wednesday when I got the response, they had sent us an email saying there was a message in our portal. We had gotten messages through our portal over these past few months, just with news about a class that was option or how to use social media more to put your profile out there, but no like actual update. So when the email came in telling me to check the portal, I didn't open it admittedly like I had in the past. Wasn't till yesterday evening that I opened the message to see that our adoption worker (aka social worker) had contacted us to see when she could set up a time for us to meet! Even though our meeting isn't for a few weeks (due to our schedules, not hers) it feels so good to be moving forward in this process.

On the fundraising side of things, we are $712 away from the halfway mark! Which is completely humbling that so many people are a part of our adoption story in such a generous way. Thank you so much to each and every one of you. You don't know how encouraging it is every time any amount is given (or tea is bought) that we are just getting one step closer on this journey. Thank you for walking this long road with us, I can never say that enough. 

Authoralisa windsor