If you weren't on social media on Tuesday the 6th, guess what? We are officially waiting! I had sent an email to our social worker in the morning, just checking in (cause it had been over 5 weeks at that point) and I got a response back at lunch. Tuesday is Chick Fil A lunch at work, so I was sitting in the mist of the conversation and suddenly I saw I had an email from Bethany (I turned alerts on my email only when we began this process). I opened it with not a lot of hope so I might of just went "AHHH" out loud in the middle of everyone talking when I saw the words "you are officially waiting!". Couldn't believe it for a second. Of course, once again I get news when Im not with Jason, but if not with him, Im thankful to be with my teammates who celebrated with me. 

People have asked if it feels any differently. It hasn't really, its just the "good" waiting we are doing now. Making plans far in the future is a bit more difficult now, cause we still could  be waiting. Or it could be any day! What a crazy way to live for this planner. We're probably not going to start working on the nursery until the beginning of the year. Jason is more cautious about that than I am. Business of a retreat coming up for me and then the holidays, the time will fly by. There maybe different samples of grey paint in the room and cleaning out drawers is my new favorite thing to do, which Ive been told is nesting. So theres that. 

Thank you all who have been so excited for us this week and celebrated this big milestone with us. Means so much to have so many people routing for us along this journey. 

Authoralisa windsor