It's been a wonderful Thanksgiving week. Monday we shared with the world that we are in the mist of the adoption process, ie paperwork. Im actually blogging instead of working on my paperwork because, my brian hurts just a bit. One of the things we have to work on is a 19 page personal profile. Both Jason and I have to fill it out separately and it is no joke. They ask really good questions like: What was it like to grow up in your home? What is your relationship with your family now? What do you like the least about yourself? How do you respond as a couple regarding conflict? How do you plan to parent? What would make you a good adoptive parent? Like I said, really good question but also really hard questions. Id like to think of myself as an introspective person most of the time, but these questions really make you get real with yourself. Which I think is so good and these are important things we should know about ourselves. However, that doesnt mean they are not overwhelming and I start to doubt if my answers are good enough. Even though Bethany said this is not a test, which I know is true, they just want us to be honest. It feels like the biggest interview of your life, you want to be truthful, but you want to answer well to achieve your end goal. On top of the 19 page personal profile, we have a stack of documents from Bethany that we have to fill our regarding our finances, employment, copies of birth and marriage certificates, personal references, get physicals and have it signed off by our doctors, just to name a few. The stack of paperwork is not as thick as I expected, but just as overwhelming as I thought it would be.

Authoralisa windsor