Last Monday we meet with our social worker for the second time in Raleigh. This meeting was for us each to be interviewed individually rather than together like the first meeting. Once again, same questions we both answered on our paperwork, mainly about what was it like growing up in our home, relationship with our families, dating history, how did we met, whats marriage been like, what was our greatest loss, how did we process the grief, etc. Oh yeah, they do not mess around with the hard questions! Jason went first and I hung out in the conference room just a few feet away. I couldn't hear what he was saying but I could hear him talking and at one point I definitely thought "Wow. He is still talking!" Jason says things much better than I do, so I was perfectly happy he was giving more details than not. Plus Jason is good at making people laugh, her is an example: 

Social worker: "How were you punished as a kid when you misbehaved?"
Me: "I wasn't allowed to watch TV, which is why I'm so well read."

Once it was my turn, I was not at all nervous until I sat down in front of her. Our social is very sweet, so it wasn't her who made me feel nervous, it was my mind. I realized, this is the most important interview of my life! Not that there is any right answer to the questions, but I still want to word my answers well. Once we got into the questions I was able to move away the worse case scenario that my mind was playing and just be honest with our social worker. She's very easy to talk to that I almost slipped into talking to her like she is my friend, but reminded myself she is here for me but not my friend in this interview. Jason and I both came away from the meeting feeling good about how we answered and set a date for her to come to our house for our home assessment! The last step for us in our home study! 

She will come to our house August 28th, to make sure the house is safe for a child. This doesn't mean we have to have a nursery set up or baby-proofing at all. She just has to see what type of environment we plan to raise a child in, which seems very fair. As of right now, once again not nervous about it but I already made plans with a friend to deep clean the house the day before so well see how well my night's sleep is on the 27th. ;)  


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