Many of you don't know this, but we had a first "goal" in our fundraising. To turn in our paperwork (which we hope to do by the end of January), we need to also turn in $5k. With cancer treatment in 2013, that drained our savings. Then treatment ending in April 2014 with a surgery, our deductible started over the start of 2014, to which the rest of our savings went to cancer. I will be totally honest, makes this whole process so unfair. That the only way we are able to add to our family/become parents, is a really pricey one. Cancer got our savings rather than our adoption. I try not to focus on that unfairness, because deep down I am thankful to be on this adoption journey. At times though, its hard not to feel overwhelmed with the cost. Even without saying we were trying to reach $5k for our home-study fees, our community gave up and beyond that. God provided, as He always does.

So many generous people have donated to our adoption fund. We are so thankful for those who have donated and for those who have kept us in their thoughts and prayers as we walk through this process. If you're interested in giving, and would like for your donation to count as a tax deduction in 2014, be sure to click here and complete your online donation before the end of the day today. Any amount helps. For realsies. Pinky swear.


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