In our first information class with Bethany, they talk openly how if we lived in a perfect world, adoption would not exist. I resonated admittedly with this. Its not hard to believe that the world is broken. You dont have to walk with cancer to recognize this to be true. Bethany went on to say that having a child in your family through adoption is part of the redeeming work God has called us to be a part of. Now this idea is a bit harder for me to grasp. Who are we to be a part of this kind of redeeming work? I wrestle with this thought, but I do believe God has asked us to be a part of His story, the bigger story than ourselves. Now, its no mystery that adoption, while joyful, is a hard thing. There is a loss with all people involved in the adoption triad - adoptee, birth mother and adoptive parent, all experiencing grief and sorrow. These feelings will be a lifelong process. We would not want to be parents without depending on God and we will have to depend even more so on Jesus on how to be adoptive parents. If we believe this to be kingdom work, that work belong to Jesus. For some crazy reason, He is using us to help redeem this broken world.

Authoralisa windsor