Happy snow day to our local friends. In North Carolina when we get just a few inches of snow, everything pretty much shuts down, which is this California girl's ideal way to enjoy the snow. 

On the paperwork front, we are still waiting for two more things that timing wise is out of our control really (Jason's insurance company, the broker has to sign paperwork and Jason's physical need to happen with labs...his doctor is on maternity leave so they are backed up). I asked our intake coordinator at Bethany if we could go ahead and send in what we had ready (they ask for you to turn in everything once everything is completed) so it could start to be processed. She told me yes, which was very exciting news for me, so I mailed in about 75% of our paperwork in! 

Even more exciting and overwhelming update is that we have past $10k on our fund raising! Thank you to each and everyone one of you who have given to our adoption fund. Its truly amazing to be loved so generously and helps on the days when the waiting seems like forever to know we have an army of people who are cheering us on. Saying thank you feels so very little but  from our hearts to yours, thank you so very much for your finical support. Some have asked when we need to have all $25k in. Once the child is placed with us (i.e. the wait time has pasted for the birth mother to change her mind and the child is officially ours) we will need to turn in the other $20k (the first $5k goes to home study fees) so we have some time to fundraise the rest of the funds for sure. This landmark of funds makes us feel a step closer though which is so encouraging, so thank you for being a part of our story friends. 

Authoralisa windsor