Yesterday we got to meet our social worker for the first time. She is very nice. New to Bethany but certainly knew her stuff. We drove to the Raleigh office to meet with her. Thankfully, we weren't nervous about the meeting. Upon meeting our social worker, she made us feel comfortable right away. I thought maybe this would feel like a job interview, but it just felt like I was talking to a friend about adoption. Everything I have read about this process is to be true to who you are and who you guys are as a couple. Don't try to overly impress, just be honest and yourselves. Our social worker went over our paperwork that we have turned in. Asked us in person the questions we answered on paper. Im not totally sure why they were the same questions. Knowing someone just on paper I realize is hard, but felt real repetitive to answer questions we had already answered.

Towards the end of our meeting together I asked what else needs to get done and how much time will it take to complete our home study. She said we'd need to meet again at the Raleigh office for individual interviews (we both have to be there at the same time but she will talk to each of us one on one). Then she'd need to come and evaluate our home. Once those two meetings take place she'd need 2-3 weeks to type up the home study. Being that Jason just started a new job, getting time off is kinda tough right now. We hope to be able to schedule the second meeting in early July. Our social worker was ready to meet next week, which I am out of town for Project Serve. I appreciate though that she is trying to move things along for us. At this point we think we can have our home study complete by the end of summer. Which means by the end of summer we hope to be a waiting family.

After we talked, one thing that our social worker mentioned was, with our openness, the average wait is a year and a half. Not a guarantee by that time and it could happen a lot sooner than that, you just don't know. But to hear the timeline of "average" year and a half was a little discouraging to me. By the time our home study is complete, it will be a year of working to get to this point. Once we turn in our profile books (part of the home study), its up to God to send us the right birth mother. There is zero we can do to make that go on any other time table. So,overall, it was a good meeting, just a little discouraging to hear the year and a half time table.  

Authoralisa windsor