We are so grateful for all of you who have been so very excited for us. Unknowingly, when we posted our news, I didn't expect to feel as I did when people said "Congratulations!" It felt as what I expect, it feels like when someone announces they are pregnant. Our "pregnancy" will be a bit longer than 9 months, but the idea of so many people in so many different places being excited for us in this process overwhelms my heart. Theres a lot of loss that comes with coming to grips that I won't get to experience a lot of things by not being about carry a child. However, our sweet community helps heal that grief by responding to us adopting the same as if we were having a biological child. I just don't have the words to tell you how much that means to us. 

Currently we are making good progress on our paperwork. Last we talked with our agency, right now, even if we turned in all our paperwork, there is a waiting list to be matched with a social worker. Whoever turns in their paperwork gets matched next, so I of course still want to turn in our paperwork ASAP. I want to be waiting on Bethany, not them waiting on us. We hope to have all paperwork: legal documents, personal profiles, tax information, and physicals in by January. The paperwork is part of the home study. Next part of the home study is that we'd have an interview one on one with the social worker and the social worker would check out our home. In this home study process, we have to turn in $5k. Thats our first big fundraising goal, to raise the $5k so we can get our home study completed. Once our home study is completed, we officially would be a waiting family. 

Authoralisa windsor