Our friends and family have already been immensely supportive of us through our cancer journey, and now we need your help once again.

First, we covet your prayers through each step of this process. Our pastor recently spoke about prayer as an act of friendship, taking your friends needs before Jesus. We will have great need as we go through the adoption process, with its paperwork, emotions, and waiting. Please pray for us in this process.

Second, the financial cost of adoption is extremely high. For our case, we will need to save and raise around $25,000. We have chosen to fundraise through a web service called Adopt Together, a 501(c)3 non-profit through which donations are tax-deductible, but 100% of the donation goes to the adopting families. We feel this is the simplest way for our friends and family to give financially to our adoption. Donations may be given on the site via credit/debit card at the link above, or, if you'd like to donate by check, you do so by mail to:

Adopt Together - Jason and Alisa Windsor
251 W Central Ave. #278
Springboro, OH 45066

If you have any questions about Adopt Together's services, you can read answers to their Frequently Asked Questions.